Nusa Penida, Paradise in Southeast Bali

Bali never ends with its charm that attracts the tourists attention. The natural beauty and culture of Bali can attract the tourists attention to come. One of the popular and frequently visited places is Nusa Penida Island. This island located in the southeast of Bali and separated by the ocean. Administratively, Nusa Penida is part of Klungkung Regency, Bali Province.

Places that must be visited in Nusa Penida

Kelingking Beach

Nusa Penida

One of the tourist destinations that must be visited because it has the best uniqueness and natural beauty. Kelingking beach has views of steep limestone cliffs on the beach. If you are interested in Kelingking Beach, you can reach Kelingking Beach by descending the cliff, but this requires extra stamina and courage, because the path is very steep. You can enjoy the view of Kelingking beach from the top, because from above you can see the ocean accompanied by cliffs. Kelingking beach is located in Bunga Mekar Village, southwest tip of Nusa Penida. The journey to Kelingking Beach takes around 45 minutes from the fast boat port on Nusa Penida by motorbike.

Diamond Beach

a group of limestone rocks named diamond beach nusa penida

Located on the east side of Nusa Penida, precisely in Pejukutan village, Diamond Beach must be on your list of visiting. Like Kelingking Beach, Diamond Beach features high and steep limestone cliffs. The characteristic of diamond beach is the presence of large limestone boulders with a diamond-like shape. This characteristic is what attracts visitors to visit it. The trip to Diamond Beach can be done using a motorbike for around 1 hour from Banjarnyuh port.

Broken Beach

Broken Beach or Pasih Uug is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Nusa Penida. This is because of its unique shape, it has a circular cliff and there is a sea in it. There are many photography spots on this Broken Beach. The most beautiful view of Broken Beach is when viewed from a height with a drone. However, when flying a drone you have to be careful because there are many blind spots in this area. Tourists must be careful when visiting this place and not to fall directly into the sea. It is located at the southwest tip of Nusa Penida close to Kelingking Beach. To get to Broken Beach, it takes 45 minutes by motorbike from Banjarnyuh port.

Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is a beach located on the east side of Nusa Penida, precisely in Pejukutan village. The location of Atuh Beach is close to Diamond Beach, so it is a must visit when visiting Diamond Beach. Atuh beach offers views of limestone hills and white sand accompanied by clear sea water. The characterizes of Atuh Beach is that there is a small island made of stone close to the beach. So it is very suitable as a photography spot. To get to Atuh Beach it takes about 1 hour from the main port of Banjar Nyuh. You can get to Atuh beach by motorbike or car. Motorbike rentals are very easy to find on Nusa Penida.

Teletubbies Hill

Apart from beach destinations, Nusa Penida also has other interesting tourist destinations to visit. One of them is Teletubbies Hill where this hill is a hill covered with grassland. So it looks similar to the hill in the Teletubbies which is one of the TV series. To reach the top you have to do a little climbing. When at the top there are many spots for photography and can see the view from top of the hill.

How to get to Nusa Penida from Bali

From Sanur Port Bali

To get to Nusa Penida you have to go by sea using a fast boat from Bali. The estimated time from Bali to Nusa Penida is around 45 minutes from Bali. One of the fast boat ports to go to Nusa Penida is in Sanur, Bali. At Sanur port there are many fast boat providers and with a more diverse departure schedule.

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