Explore the Gili Islands

A few kilometers to the northwest of Lombok island, there are beautiful small islands called the Gili Islands. Gili Islands are divided into Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. Gili generally means small island in the local language. The Gili Islands are a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists when they visit Bali and Lombok. Gili is famous for having clear waters with white sand, so snorkeling and diving activities are suitable to do. Gili is also a comfortable place for you to relax because of its quiet location, far from the crowds and noise of the city. The unique thing about Gili is that there are no motorized vehicles, so here you won’t see traffic jams or the sound of vehicles.

Explore Gili Trawangan

Gili Air

Gili Trawangan is the largest island compared to the other Gili and famous as a party island among tourists. Apart from being a party island, the attraction of Gili Trawangan is its underwater activities, so you can find many snorkeling and diving service providers. There is not motorized vehicles in Gili Trawangan and it becomes one of the attraction for the tourists who are looking for peace and freedom from traffic jams. The main transportation on Gili are bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. To get around Gili Trawangan you can rent a bicycle there, it is very easy to find bicycle rental services there.

The tourists can easily to find their accommodation from low prices to high prices. Starting from hotels or homestays, restaurants, transportations and other tourist attractions can be obtained easily. To enjoy this island, you can visit the west side in the afternoon while enjoying the sunset against the backdrop of Mount Agung (Bali). Then go to the east side in the evening to enjoy the party.

Explore Gili Air

gili air

Even though its location is close to Lombok, it doesn’t make Gili Air to be a busy island. For tourists who want to experience something far from the crowds and integrated with local culture, Gili Air is the right choice for tourists who want to relax. Gili Air is not busy as Gili Trawangan but there are several activities can do, like diving or snorkeling. Accommodation on this island is complete according to budget requirements, ranging from cheap prices to expensive prices on this island. So it is very suitable to visit for tourists who want to get away from the crowds. The mandatory thing to do on Gili Air is enjoy the sunrise with the backdrop of Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok while enjoying your breakfast.

Explore Gili Meno

gili islands

With the smallest size among the other Gili’s and the calmest compared to the other islands, Gili Meno provides more tranquility than Gili Air or Gili Trawangan. It is located between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, Gili Meno provides a stunning beach and gives a relaxing impression. So it is very suitable for resting and honeymoon. There are many supporting accommodations ranging from small hotels, bungalows, restaurants or cafes that provide seafood menu. Besides that and many diving and snorkeling activities on offer. The recommendation for staying at Gili Meno is on the northwest side of the island. Gili Meno is more recommended for enjoying the underwater beauty.

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