Recommendations for holiday activities in Lombok

Having stunning beach views, the beauty of Mount Rinjani and extraordinary underwater views, the beauty of Lombok whether on land or in the water. Therefore, Lombok has become a popular destination alongside Bali and have recommendations to visit.

What can you do in Lombok?

Lombok has many natural places that can be explored, therefore there are many interesting activities that can be done in Lombok, ranging from relaxing activities to challenging activities that can be done here.

Try Hiking on Challenging Trails

Interested in a challenge? Hiking is recommendations activity in Lombok must to try. Hiking on the challenging tracks of Lombok Island could be an option. for example climbing Mount Rinjani which is located in North Lombok Regency. with a height of 3726 meters above sea level automatically provides stunning views from a height. Apart from that, the existence of Segara Anak Lake on Mount Rinjani makes the view more beautiful. The hiking route on Mount Rinjani will also not make you bored, because along the way you will see the views of hills and valleys which can reduce the feeling of tiredness and boredom when hiking.

Beautiful Beach Exploration

Beach exploration is next recommendations activity in Lombok. Apart from the beautiful beaches on the Gili Islands, Lombok still has many beautiful beaches and is highly recommended to visit when in Lombok. These are some of them:

Kuta beach

This beach is located 31 kilometers from the international airport and is located in Central Lombok Regency. Kuta beach has its own charm, for example clean white sand and calming waves. So Kuta Beach already gives the feel of a holiday for those who visit. You also can see the views of Mandalika Hill to the west, adding to the beauty of this beach.

Senggigi Beach

This beach, which is located in West Lombok Regency, offers a panoramic view of clean white sand. Its location is close to the city center, it makes there are a lot of tourists visit it. The uniqueness of Senggigi is that it has a long coastline and is located in a bayous beach area. In the Senggigi beach area there are several other beaches which have different unique characteristics, for example Batulayar Beach and Batu Bolong Beach.

Tanjung Aan beach

Tanjung Aan Beach is located close to Kuta Beach and is still in the same district, namely Central Lombok. Tanjung Aan Beach offers beautiful white sand and a long coastline. Apart from that, this beach is surrounded by green hills which makes this beach more beautiful.

Get to Know the Local Culture of Lombok

When in Lombok, you are incomplete if you don’t know their local culture. Lombok is mostly inhabited by the Sasak tribe. By visiting Sade and Rambitan villages, the local Lombok culture of the Sasak tribe can be known in more detail. especially their daily activities. So, Lombok cultural is one of recommendations to be known.

Typical Lombok souvenir

When visiting a place, it is incomplete if you don’t buy souvenirs in that place. When visiting Lombok, the thing you need to buy as a souvenir is sasak cloth. This is because sasak cloth is a characteristic or icon of Lombok. Genuine Sasak cloth can be found in traditional Sasak villages such as Sade Village.

How to go to Lombok?

Air Route by Airplane

To get to Lombok by air, you can use an airplane to Lombok International Airport. In general, the route is from Denpasar, Bali to Mataram, Lombok.

Sea Route by Ferry

The sea route using a ferry can be done via Padang Bai port, Bali. From Padang Bai it takes around 4-5 hours to travel to Lombok. The ferry to Lombok from Bali will dock at Lembar Harbor, West Lombok. Traveling by ferry can be more relaxing and cheaper than using an airplane.

Sea Route by Fast Boat

Another alternative for getting to Lombok from Bali by sea is to use a fast boat. The departure point for fast boats to Lombok is Padang Bai (Bali), Nusa Penida (Bali), Serangan (Bali). There are many fast boat service providers to Lombok. By using a fast boat, travel time is in the range of 2-3 hours. If you use a fast boat, the destination port is Bangsal Harbor, in North Lombok Regency.

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