The Awesome Activities you can do in Gili Air

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Gili Air
Snorkeling in gili air

Gili Air

If you have been to Gili Trawangan, there is also a tiny island nearby called Gili Air. It’s also often visited by local and foreign tourists. You can use a fast boat from Bali to Gili Islands and Lombok, and this will take around 2 hours from the port of Padang Bai to Gili Islands. If you have visited, there are several activities that you can do on Gili Air:

1. Snorkelling

You can do snorkelling activities to enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery. There are also several snorkelling spots for tourists to enjoy the beautiful underwater view.

2. Diving

Similar to snorkelling, in this island, there are also several spots that are suitable for diving activities. You will be presented with a beautiful underwater view.

3. Surfing

You can try to surf on this island, precisely on the Are Guling beach. The type of waves on this beach is reef break. The beach situation, which is still relatively quiet, will make your surfing experience calmer.

4. Cycling

Like on Gili Trawangan, there are also bicycle rental services. You can enjoy the coastal scenery by cycling. The best times for cycling are in the morning and evening so that you don’t get too hot.

5. Cidomo

On Gili Air, there is also Cidomo. If you want to get around the island, you can try using cidomo. You will get around the island in a relaxed manner while enjoying the surrounding scenery.
Watching sunset or sunrise
in a small island, will make it easier for you to get sunset and sunrise moments. You can enjoy both of these moments.

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