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Lombok is one of the islands in Indonesia which is not too far from Bali. Did you know, from Bali to Lombok you can use a fast boat. The journey starts from Padangbai port to Bangsal port. This trip takes about 2 hours. If you are in Bali and want to go to Lombok by sea, you can try using a fast boat. Here are some places that you can visit while in Lombok:

1. Beaches

Lombok has some beautiful and interesting beaches for you to visit with your family or travel companions. Here are some beaches that you can visit in Lombok. First pink beach, from the name we know that this pink beach has pink beach sand. You can do snorkeling, diving and fishing on this beach. Second is Senggigi beach, this beach is very famous and often visited by tourists when in Lombok. You can swim, sunbathe, dive, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, and playing speed boats on this beach. 

Third is Tanjung Aan beach, you can relax with a straw umbrella, snorkel, surf, and you can also rent a boat to get to Batu Payung. In addition, you can also see Bau Nyale festival on the beach. The fourth is Batu Payung beach, where you can see large rocks that are shaped like umbrellas. The fifth is Malimbu beach, you can enjoy the moment of sunset and the beauty of the beach and hills. The sixth is Kuta Mandalika beach, you can try banana boats, windsurfers, and paragliding on this beach. 

The seventh is Ampenan beach, you can see the moment of sunset, play kites, fishing and can even see the old festival on this beach. The eighth is Tebing beach, you can fish there, enjoy calm beach and charming hills. The ninth is Mawun beach, you can enjoy seafood that sold around this beach. Lastly is Seger beach, you can snorkel, surf, and see the Bau Nyale ritual.

2. Hills

In Lombok there are several hills that you can visit. You can see the beauty of Lombok through the existing hills. Here are some hills that you can visit. Firstis Merese hill, you can see the beauty of Tanjung Aan, Batu Payung, camping and enjoy the sunrise or sunset moments. Second is Malimbu hill, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset there. Lastly, Pergasingan hill, you can see directly the beauty of Mount Rinjani on this hill because this hill is directly opposite Mount Rinjani.

3. Religious Tourism

You can do religious tourism or bus to find out the religion in Lombok. If you want to see the population of the Islamic religion, you can visit the Mataram Islamic Center. This is the center of the place of worship for Muslims in Lombok. In addition, you can also visit Hindu temples or holy places in Lombok, namely Meru Temple, Batu Bolong Temple, Kalasa Temple, Lingsar Temple, Gunung Pengsong Temple. If you visit a holy place, you must know what you can and cannot do there. So it is very necessary to have the right information if you want to enjoy the religious atmosphere in Lombok and still obey the existing rules.

4. Waterfalls

In Lombok there is also a beautiful waterfall that you can visit. There are two waterfalls that you can visit and enjoy the view. First, you can visit the Sendang Gile waterfall. This waterfall has a height of 600 meters and has stairs as high as 40 meters. Second, you can visit the Tiu Kelep waterfall. This waterfall has a height of 42 meters and the journey takes about 1-2 hours. If you want to visit a waterfall, make sure your body condition stays fit so you can take a fairly long journey to get to the waterfall.

5. Mountains

If you like to climb mountains, you can try climbing some of the mountains in Lombok. Here are the names of the mountains and their heights. The first is Mount Rinjani with an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level. You can also see a beautiful lake, namely Segara Anak lake. The second is Mount Kondo with an altitude of 2,947 meters above sea level. The third is Mount Tambora with an altitude of 2,850 meters above sea level. Fourth is Mount Batu Lanteh with an altitude of 1,730 masl. 

The fifth is Mount Aromboha with an altitude of 1,576 meters above sea level. The sixth is the Punic Mountain with an altitude of 1,490 meters above sea level. The seventh is Mount Kuta with an altitude of 1,340 meters above sea level. The eighth is Jaran Pusang Mountain with an altitude of 1,283 meters above sea level. The ninth is Mount Wonotokodono with an altitude of 1,254 meters above sea level. The tenth is Mount Dorombolo with an altitude of 1,180 meters above sea level. The eleventh is Mount Dado with an altitude of 1,147 meters above sea level. The last is Mount Bersanak with an altitude of 1,132 meters above sea level. Let’s list which mountains you will climb when visiting Lombok.

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